JUNE 2014

May 2nd (Fri)

All Ages performing in SF @ Bindlestiff Studio

w/ The Secret Hitchers,

The Skyflakes, Golda + the Guns

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All Ages- A New Kind of Citizen (PV)

The San Francisco based rock band, All Ages, isn't shy about making as many friends as possible! Formed in 2005 as a trio, the band has evolved as a duo and is thriving in the National and Japanese rock world as one of the most anticipated live and touring musical acts in recent history.

    In 2006 All Ages released the  “What Do You Believe?” EP. With this release, All Ages funded and produced a 6 month tour of the US and Japan. And again in 2007 following the release of the single, "High School", All Ages produced an even larger version of their previous "show" on a 6 month US and Japan tour.

    Touring and hard work paid off when All Ages began receiving offers from top Japanese artists, such as The Pillows, Noodles, Red Bacteria Vacuum and Saboten to tour both the US and Japan. Later in 2007 All Ages was introduced to and signed with Japanese record label Zenext Records for production in Japan.

    For the US, All Ages began Shameless Self Productions in 2007, a music production company, overseeing pre-production, recording, publishing and distribution of their work. Shameless Self Productions promotes shows for All Ages and various acts in the US and Japan, including The Pillows, Red Bacteria Vacuum and Noodles.

    In 2008 All Ages was featured in the documentary, “POP! How Japanese Culture took over my Life.”

All Ages spent much of 2008 and 2009 writing and recording their highly anticipated debut album “A New Kind of Citizen” released in 2010.

    All Ages spent the majority of 2010 and 2011 on their outrageous 220 show US/Japan tour, sharing stages with the Pillows and Noodles among dozens of high profile acts in the US and Japan.

    In 2011 All Ages left Zenext Records and signed a working agreement with Bad Music Group in Tokyo to distribute the release of "A New Kind of Citizen" and 2012's "42 Sub Machine Guns" single.


All Ages released the single "42 Sub Machine Guns" in June of 2012 and toured California with Red Bacteria Vacuum to commemorate the release. They will spend much of the summer recording their follow album to be released in the Fall followed by a US and Japan tour.


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May 2014

May 2nd (Fri)

All Ages performing in SF @ Bindlestiff Studio

w/ The Secret Hitchers,

The Skyflakes, Golda + the Guns

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All Ages music is featured in this edition of

The World Astonishing News , is a popular Japanese television series, covering unusual or outrageous stories from around the world.

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